Migrant Assistance

Heathrow Airport Transit Assistance

IOM UK has a team based in Heathrow Airport who provide transit assistance to hundreds of migrants and refugees a week who transit through London. This service provides the migrants with extra support during their travel and ensures they can reach their next flight smoothly. The IOM Heathrow based staff receive the migrants, and assist them onto the next flight to their final destination.

Since 2003, IOM UK has assisted over 129,600 migrants with transit assistance.

Reduced Airfares

IOM UK offers travel assistance to individuals permanently migrating to other countries. This self-paying service provides individuals with special reduced one-way economy fare and extra baggage allowance, as well as flexible conditions (such as the possibility of re-booking or cancellation without penalty, depending on the airline).


  • Individuals and families that have been accepted on a permanent visa to resettle in another country

In order to apply, please contact IOM at bookingsUK@iom.int . Please note you will have to supply a proof of visa acceptance.